My Bucket List

Why don’t you join me in writing your own bucket list? Experts say that you dramatically increase your chances of achieving your goals by simply writing them down!

So, here’s my bucket list of goals and dreams:
(I figure maybe if I publish this….I am more likely to follow through. Right?)

  1. ***This is one I will spend my whole life accomplishing:*** Become a woman who truly knows the Lord and whose life emulates and reflects His; a woman whose life, when people think of her, shouts “Jesus!”
  2. Travel to all 7 continents (3 left to go: South America; Australia; Antarctica)
  3. Visit all 59 United States national parks (National Parks – List Challenges)
  4. Have my own family with multiple children (maybe more than four…?)
  5. Write a children’s book and get it published.
  6. Go on a Safari adventure in Africa.
  7. Do a half-marathon (and maybe a marathon?).
  8. Visit Israel and specifically spend time in the various locations where we know Jesus actually was!
  9. Go on cruises in: the Mediterranean, the Bahamas/Caribbean, Alaskan waters.
  10. Do a crazy-terrifying zip-line ride over a beautiful piece of scenery.
  11. Walk on the Great Wall of China.
  12. Spent at least a weekend in Las Vegas.
  13. For at least one full camping trip, only sleep outdoors in my hammock (Eno love!)
  14. Hike and camp in the Ouchita Mountains.
  15. Vacation in Santorini, Greece (can you say romantic and BEAUTIFUL?!).
  16. Visit India.
  17. Visit the Amazon rainforest!!!
  18. Raise a dog, all the way from puppy to full-grown obedient adult. 🙂
  19. Become a dog-training volunteer, preparing a dog to be a guide.
  20. Grow my own vegetables garden and be able to sustain my vegetable needs from my own backyard.
  21. Visit the great Pyramids of Egypt!
  22. Grow my hair out longer than I’ve ever had it before (so it would need to be over halfway down my back). – this is as of 8/15/15.
  23. Write a song and perform it – lyrics, music, everything.
  24. Swim with dolphins! (Inspired by sis from her cruise! 10/7/15)

NOTE: Check it out – who knew there was a website with thousands of bucket list ideas?


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