Overcome by His holiness 

Why do I need to so often remind my heart that He’s God and I’m not? How easy it is to put myself back on the throne of my heart … More Overcome by His holiness 


Half full

…the truth is, my outlook has been pretty gloomy lately. Easy to miss though, we are good at wearing masks, parading around with a goofy grin and a quick sarcastic remark- and no one knows the difference. … More Half full

Kind to Yourself

When your greatest enemy is yourself…what kind of fair fight is that?

If you win…you lose. If you conquer your enemy…your destroy your own life. If you score a nasty throw down…you end up with countless bruises.

How many times do we stand battling…only to be truly waging a brutal war against our very selves?

Are you kind to yourself? … More Kind to Yourself