Just your average woman….even as I type that, I wonder…am i?

Average to who? Definitely depends on your standards, huh?

Well, I’m a woman (we’ll leave average out of it) who loves to write, dance, play with her sweet dog, travel, go on crazy fun adventures with people I love, and who above all deeply loves Jesus Christ and people to my core.

Where would I be without the Lord’s loving guidance – His many firm but loving “no’s;” His tender providence; His utter acceptance of me despite myself, my lack of faith, my proneness to wander, as the old hymn says.

I blog to grow personally – to reflect on life as it happens and the lessons I learn almost always in the most random and unexpected of ways.

Just a few of my hobbies…cropped-dscn1246.jpg

  • Dancing (East Coast swing and salsa mainly)
  • Being outdoors and especially in beautiful places!
  • Gardening
  • Yoga
  • Playing with my wonderful dog, Ellie
  • Playing guitar and piano
  • Reading
  • Traveling and going on adventures
  • Doing new, random things

A few professional tidbits…

  • Attended Texas A&M University, College Station – gig’em Aggies!
  • Taught middle school English Language Arts, Social Studies, Journalism & Creative Writing for four years
  • Career in transition: I’m transitioning to a new school to fully explore authentic Montessori education and decide if that’s the teaching path I want to follow
  • Previous experience teaching swimming at Emler Swim School, from beginners to kids on swim team

And to close it out for now – I am a disciple of Jesus.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Ah, like you, I blog to grow! And it has been a journey, to use an over-worked word! Congratulations as you round the corner to your first year anniversary of writing and posting. I look forward to reading more! ~ Sheila

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