Half full

Is the glass half full or half empty?

Depends on your perspective…your life lens…your heart condition…your  joyfulness or lack thereof…

I consider myself a pretty optimistic and positive person. Perhaps I’m just trying to ride on the positivity of my upbringing.

Because…the truth is, my outlook has been pretty gloomy lately. Easy to miss though, we are good at wearing masks, parading around with a goofy grin and a quick sarcastic remark- and no one knows the difference.

But take a moment of stillness, and you might see it…

Sitting out here by the pool, I found my jaw tight and my mind swirling anxiously with my many cares. Journaling, I tried to make it stop, sort it all out, lift up my worries in prayer to the Faithful One…

And on an impulse, I titled a new section,  “Gratitude – in the moment,” and began to write.

It took only seconds to begin jotting the many thankful-nesses in my life…

  • My sweet dog Ellie
  • Beautiful weather!
  • The calming sound of the fountain water spilling into the pool
  • The fact that, despite my 3+ month lapse in running, I picked up running again easily when I started again last week (maybe a marathon is in my future yet…)
  • The silly fun I had Saturday taking my turn blindfolded at attempting to destroy the birthday piñata at a friend’s party
  • The fact that God has given me a few solid, totally reliable and loving friends

And the list continued.

As I wrote, I felt my spirit lift.

Is life exactly the way I want it? Everything my perfectionist self deems would be most fitting? According to my plan and timeline? Meeting my every standard for success and happiness?


But my list showed me what my despairing heart can often forget.

Blessings abound around and in my life. 

Abundance, not scarcity.

Freedom, not captivity.

Love and welcome, not rejection.

All that I need is mine in this moment. 

My worries for tomorrow can overwhelm me…but today I have all I need.

This life I live is quite remarkable. Quite…precious…and beautiful.

Even as I type this…the hunger-inducing scent of grilled steaks fills my nostrils, and my puppy sweetly calls for my attention with a nose nudge to my arm.

These are life’s little sweet pleasures that make living magical. 

You know how people with terminal illness tend to live? Bitterness can definitely reign here…but more often than not, it’s these folks who love fully, who live with joy…who embrace the moment- because they truly recognize that their bodies might not make it to tomorrow, next week, or the next year…

So instead of spending their today worrying about what the future holds…they fully live NOW. 

“Live like you were dying,” right?

So in this place, I choose to see the glass as half full…to see and enjoy the richness around me, despite the seeming lack and imperfection of my circumstances.

Won’t you consider the same? Perhaps blessing surrounds you too, if only you choose to stop and see it.

And with me, breathe in gratefully the gift of today. 


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