Death reminds me of how I want to live

Mindlessly scrolling through my unread emails Thursday evening, I was hit unexpectedly by death.

I thought death was something I had somewhat come to terms with. Death is a part of life, they say. We start dying the moment we are born (there’s a depressing thought).

But what about an extremely untimely death? When someone leaves much too soon, much too young…like, surely God had much much can more for them to do here. Apparently I haven’t come to terms with this one…because Thursday’s news sent me reeling.

In multiple previous posts, I have referenced words by Scott Dinsmore, founder of Live Your Legend and author of the online course I am still taking.

At the young age of 33, he tragically passed away last weekend, struck by a falling boulder while hiking Mount Kilimanjaro with his wife Chelsea.

(When I first learned of his death, I had no details, only that we had lost this wonderful man. But when I later learned he died while on this hiking adventure which he had always dreamed of doing…I felt this bittersweet sense of peace, that that’s how he would have chosen to go…on an adventure with the woman he loved, pursuing the life he had always wanted. And for that I was thankful.)

I never met him…and who would have thought that I would feel his death so keenly?

But the fact is, my life was changed by him. His work has altered my life course. I may still be at my last school if it weren’t for him and his TedTalk that opened my eyes. He has done so much good for so many thousands of people all over the world! By choosing to reject mediocrity and stepping into his passion, he gave the world the gift of himself, what only he could offer.

And who could predict that at such a young age his giving would be forced to halt?

Why do we live like we have decades left? Like we are guaranteed tomorrow? WE AREN’T.

It is God who gives breath to mankind…and God can take that same breath of life away whenever he deems fit and best. And we don’t get the privilege of knowing when that time will come.

I’m currently 28 – Scott was only 5 years older than myself. That’s a sobering realization. I just never expect life to be cut so short.

Recently, I wrote about the sweet life and impact of Elisabeth Elliot. While her passing was so very sad, it had a different ring to it…she lived a full, long life. While we don’t want our loved ones to pass…we know it IS indeed a part of life…and it just seems fair that we each be given the gift of long life, rather than one cut short.

And then my heart goes out to his sweet wife Chelsea. They were married for 5 years. You say “I do,” expecting and praying for a lifetime. I imagine the searing pain I would feel at losing my best friend and life companion.

He died at 33. What kind of life do I want to live? If I were to die at age 33…what would have made my life worth it, without regrets, not feeling like it still lacked something?

Am I living now in such a way to ensure that an early death would not leave me without legacy or without leaving a better world behind?

What gifts has God given me that I am currently hiding…not sharing with the world?

What do we deprive the world of...

…Because of fear? 

…The lie of busyness? 

…The “I’ll do it tomorrow” syndrome? 

…Belief I don’t really have something worthwhile to share?

Amazing how death can be life’s best teacher, a motivator for change. But why wait for a near death experience or the shxoking loss of someone to wake us up??

Consider NOW how you want to live. Decide today the kind of person you want to be- and start becoming that person.

Don’t give yourself excuses or say you’ll start tomorrow. You may not have tomorrow- you are only guaranteed NOW.

Live in this moment fully, engaged and ready, boldly sharing who you truly are with the world, and trying your best to live the life you’ve always imagined.

My hope and prayer is that we won’t less this sober moment pass us by…God regularly uses this tragedies as opportunities for us to be challenged, to be changed, to turn around and walk differently…

And the question right now is, what will you do with this moment? 

  1. To learn more about Scott Dinsmore and his impact, read this article. 

5 thoughts on “Death reminds me of how I want to live

  1. Death is a powerful reminder of how to live. Your post reminds me of this quote. “At the slightest hint of death, all pettiness falls away.” Carlos Castaneda – Striving today to live with true intention. Thanks for inspiring.

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  2. I so agree I don’t you just join the course of field days ago and discovered this wonderful man so it was quite a shock to find that he died died with you is probably the lady would like to have died but many many decades later I feel his wife she gave a lovely video let’s hope we can carry is legacy home hope to get to know you better communicate with a lot more people who were did not seem a lot better but his post hope we can talkp


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