Overcome by His holiness 

Why do I need to so often remind my heart that He’s God and I’m not? How easy it is to put myself back on the throne of my heart … More Overcome by His holiness 


So our little world becomes a gated community which allows only good in and shields residents from the world’s painful realities. … More Frozen

Her grip

I stood with hands extended. Open. Flat. Outstretched. Facing up. Empty.

Anything I tried to hold that way could easily fall, crash to the ground.

Maybe that was the point. … More Her grip

Control freak

Culturally we joke about the concept of a person being a control freak. It’s in the church too.

And yet…could it be that we have made little of something that is truly a huge heart and sin issue? … More Control freak

Half full

…the truth is, my outlook has been pretty gloomy lately. Easy to miss though, we are good at wearing masks, parading around with a goofy grin and a quick sarcastic remark- and no one knows the difference. … More Half full